Test Anxiety


I want to thank you for the wonderful help on my panic attack taking the nursing exam.  I have brought my grade up from just passing to a B and am thrilled<




          I can’t find the words to express my gratitude

          for the hypnotherapy. I’ve had huge improve-

          ments physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

          TheFibromyalgia and sleepless nights have ended.

          My eyesight and memory are improving.  I have

          more energy and a happier outlook on life.  I’ve

          let go of past traumas and anger involving my

          siblings and my deceased father. I’ve let go of

          the guilt from feelings of inadequacy from raising

          my children. I’m no longer stressed, worried or

          angry about the caretaking of my elderly mother. 

          Spiritually it is as if you have given me a hand,

          pulled me out of a mud bog and hosed me off.

          I’ve started to see my soul again.  We have

          alleviated a lot of my feelings of inferiority.


          Thanks again,



           I haven’t smoked since the

           first of the year. I could tell the difference when I

           quit this time. After three weeks I had absolutely

           no desire at all. Thank you so much.






 "Virginia’s hypnotic guidance has been an incredible gift to me. When I first came to her, I was struggling with a host of personal, professional and physical challenges. As we explored them and identified their causes, she gave me the tools to work through them. She introduced me to my spirit guides on a more conscious level and they have helped me along my journey of spiritual self- discovery and healing."