Just for today, do not anger.

Just for today, do not worry.

Honor your teachers, your father and mother, and your neighbors

Count your blessings and show appreciation for your food.

Earn your living honestly.

Be kind to everything that has life.

              Dr. Mikao Usui

Excerpt from "Reiki - Universal Life Energy"

REIKI supports the body's natural ability to heal itself

REIKI  loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation

REIKI vitalizes both body and soul

REIKI re-establishes spirtual equilibrium and mental well being

REIKI functions on all levels, whether mental, spiritual, physical or emotional

REIKI balances the body's energies

REIKI clenses the body of poisons

REIKI adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient

REIKI works with animals and plants

Classes Available -

Contact Virginia Matsuda:  805-405-6253 or e-mail, dragorson2@juno.com

Reiki Level l  


Cost:  Level l  $125.00 ( a deposit of $75.00 is requested to hold your space )

In this class you'll learn the basics of Reiki, from its history to its many uses to how to perform Reiki on yourself and others.  You will also be given a binder with information from the days activities and pictures showing the hand placement for the Reiki Treatments.  We will  discuss how Reiki can be used for your animals 

Reiki Level ll   - When:   

Where:  3319 Telegraph Rd Ste 107 Ventura

Time:  10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cost:   Level ll $150.00   (a deposit of $75.00 is requested to hold your space)

Reiki Level ll attunement allows you to heal from a distance.  The next town, state, accross the United States, Europe - there is no distance barrier.  You also have more energy that you use when giving a treatment and you are given symbols that you can use for specific problems during a treatment to help the client recieve more benefits.

Class size is limited to 9 - so be sure to register early

I can attune you to Reiki by yourself without a class setting if you prefer or the class days do not work for you.  CALL 805-405-6253

EFT for Stress  (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Anger Management





Next class to be announced


Self Hypnosis for Stress Relief

To be Announced

7:00 to 9:30

Do you have a problem with... test anxiety? ... stress ? ... insomnia? Would you like to... stop smoking? ...lose weight? ... improve concentration? ... improve self-esteem? ...improve athletic performance?...enhance creativity? Unleash the power of your mind and see the difference you can make! In this two-week experiential workshop you will learn to easily achieve a hypnotic state and to write effective suggestions to achieve your goals. 

For more information please call 805-405-6253 Seating is limited